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Making work

The evolution of work is rapidly blending on-site, remote, and hybrid models with a focus on collaboration and inclusivity. As technologies like virtual meetings advance, organisations are investing in digital collaboration for the future.

Reimagining work

Hybrid work is here. How can organisations make the most of it and plan for what’s ahead?

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Productivity for the people

Why organisations must strike a healthy balance between productivity and employee wellbeing.

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A better way to collaborate

The evolution of platforms like Microsoft Teams means more inclusive, more natural workplace collaboration.

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Working in a workshop while using a Windows device

Do more with Microsoft Surface

Surface devices enable employees to work their way from anywhere, while organisations stay protected through Microsoft’s security stack.

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Woman holding a Windows 11 device

Windows 11

Microsoft’s latest operating system will power hybrid work. Find out how to get ready for migration.

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Woman using a Windows laptop

Microsoft managed desktop

Take a modern approach to device management, increase security and improve employee experience.

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A powerful partnership

Computacenter and Microsoft have been helping organisations create people-centric workplaces for more than 30 years.

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Delivering customer success

Computacenter and Microsoft have spent more than three decades helping organisations create secure working environments that allow modern workplace collaboration. With the advent of hybrid work comes a new opportunity to increase flexibility, opportunity and collaboration, while reducing costs and improving organisational agility.

Computacenter can give you guidance on best practice for Microsoft Teams, device selection, including Microsoft Surface. We can even manage device lifecycles, increasing speed of deployment and eradicating costly downtime.

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