A better way to collaborate

With hybrid work here to stay, organisations need to look carefully at tools and technologies for collaboration. That means thinking about individual workstyles, employee training, and encouraging healthy working habits that don’t revolve around endless back-to-back video calls.

Remove the barriers to productive meetings

Overcome common obstacles by getting the right meeting room technology in place to allow employees to collaborate fully, whether they are physically present or joining remotely.

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Discover how to boost your team’s productivity by enabling effective collaboration.

Microsoft teams rooms

Learn how you can support your team’s collaboration using Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Hybrid Working

Unleash your workforce’s potential with strategies for seamless hybrid work.

4 ways to optimise your hybrid working experience

With the right approach and expertise, everything from technology to working processes can be optimised to create a truly modern way of working that maximises outcomes and boosts productivity.

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Microsoft Teams

Discover how your team can connect and collaborate effortlessly with Microsoft Teams.

Delivering customer success

Computacenter and Microsoft have spent more than three decades helping organisations create secure working environments that allow modern workplace collaboration. With the advent of hybrid work comes a new opportunity to increase flexibility, opportunity and collaboration, while reducing costs and improving organisational agility.

Computacenter can give you guidance on best practice for Microsoft Teams, device selection, including Microsoft Surface. We can even manage device lifecycles, increasing speed of deployment and eradicating costly downtime.

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