Productivity for the people

Computacenter has partnered with Microsoft for over thirty years to cultivate security and there are more effective ways to boost productivity than simply encouraging presenteeism. For the first time, leaders can give employees access to workplace wellbeing tools such as virtual commutes and meditation apps to encourage more healthy working practices.

A healthy approach to productivity

Using people-first technology, devices and collaboration tools, organisations can create a culture that fosters greater inclusion and productivity, and emphasises employee wellbeing, trust and purpose. With this guide, you’ll discover how workplace analytics and insights can be used to support teams to find new ways of working that suit them best.

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Empowering productivity

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In this Executive Briefing, we look at the changing face of productivity, including the roles played by automation, collaboration tools and data analytics.

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People first security

People are working in new ways. They’re being empowered by modern digital workplaces, cloud and flexible anywhere, any device business models.

All of which demands a new focus on keeping data and devices secure. We look at what policies, digital tools and cultural changes are needed to secure today’s digital workplace from the core to the edge.

Find out more about Computacenter and Microsoft’s people-centric approach to security, including insights on zero trust models.

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Build them up, don’t burn them out

Managers don’t just need to be trained on how to spot workplace stress. They need access to data-led insights that let them create and maintain healthy working environments.

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The Microsoft Viva employee experience platform, built on Microsoft 365, integrates into apps like Microsoft Teams to provide organisational-level data on modern workplace wellbeing trends. With Viva, employers are more aware of workloads and productivity, while employees can make space in the day for regular breaks, focused work, and personal development via learning.

As well as encouraging people to adopt better work habits, Microsoft Viva is a key enabler of modern working patterns by integrating communications, learning and insights into the flow of work.

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“Burnout is caused by organisational factors. It’s not enough for leaders to suggest self-care as a remedy for employee stress; they must build robust wellbeing support into their workplace strategy.”

Ashley Richardson, Chief Technologist, Workplace, Computacenter

Delivering customer success

Computacenter and Microsoft have spent more than three decades helping organisations create secure working environments that allow modern workplace collaboration. With the advent of hybrid work comes a new opportunity to increase flexibility, opportunity and collaboration, while reducing costs and improving organisational agility.

Computacenter can give you guidance on best practice for Microsoft Teams, device selection, including Microsoft Surface. We can even manage device lifecycles, increasing speed of deployment and eradicating costly downtime.

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